Anyone who has a computer has computer problems, and everyone who does should have someone like Erik to ease their pain. For at least ten years Erik has been my computer-problem go-to-guy, and I have never been disappointed. For everything from building a complete system, to networking, to system upgrades, to answering gnarly questions, to answering “HELP, HELP!” calls at odd hours, he has always been there for me.


Erik is very knowledgeable in computer work. He is honest in his assessments of a computer issues and problems. He will find out what is wrong with a system instead of making a blanket assessment. Erik takes pride in his work does quality workmanship, the job is done properly and neat. I will be using his services for my future computer purchases, maintenance and repairs.

R. A.

What would I do the many times my PC has been screwed up without you.?….. you have promptly come to my rescue to fix my problems.
Many thanks for answering my”HelpMe” call and kept my sanity.

Sheri W.

Erik did a great job taking care of my computer problems 2 or 3 times now. His cost is fair & his work is done in a short time. So glad he’s around to call on.


I’ve been very happy with any and all work Eric has done for, He’s prompt, neat and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.


We called Erik when our laptops got a virus. He did an excellent job cleaning both of them. We have not had any issues since.


Thank Heavens for Erik. In this remote small community of Brackettville his services are a godsend. He is competent, friendly, affordable and, best of all readily available. We’d block the highways if he ever decided to leave!

B. P.

When we called Erik for the first time, we were upset with Windows 10. A friend referred Erik to us as extremely knowledged. We called him and he came over to our home in about an hour. Both of our computers needed his help. One because we downloaded Windows 10 and it didn’t go well (I use this language because I don’t want anybody to be put off with what I said). The other for spam etc, really bad spam. Erik took our computers back to his office and in a couple days he was back with computers that acted like new. He did give us some guidelines about clicking on add ons, popups, and ads.
We called one time after that because we got a new computer (with Windows 10). I had tried to install a new Quicken program and it didn’t work for me. It worked for Erik and fast! As long as Erik is around we’ll call him for all our computer problems.

T & J T