Satisfied customers

Most of my local customers, naturally, are located in the city of Brackettville and in Fort Clark Springs. The first customer on Fort Clark Springs, who I built a custom-made PC for, is still one of my most loyal customers – now 10 years later. That PC, by the way, is still going strong today (August 2016), thanks using nothing but the best, top-notch hardware. Try finding one of those in a store nowadays! Some of the hardware I built years ago is still in use today, in my own office, after it had been submerged in 6 feet of dirty Rio Grande river water for two weeks, after the river flooded the area! It may not have been the cheapest but it’s still working; because I don’t sell junk.

Most of my commercial customers are located in a 120 mile radius, and include businesses such as AT&T, Barbara’s Table, Bath & Body Works, Cato Fashions, Check’n Go, Citifinancial, Cricket Communications, Dollar General, Fallas-Paredes, Foot Locker, IBC, JC Penney, Kirkland’s, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Marshalls, MCM Corporation, Movies 8, National Cinemedia, O’Rourke Realty, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, Rue21, Ross, Scotts, Starbucks, Sutherland’s, The Home Depot, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, The UPS Store, Vsweeps, Walmart, Whataburger and many more.